The Clabough Foundation grant supported CLUB+

Club+ filled the gaps created by COVID-19 for the most vulnerable youth in the Bend community by: (1) increasing service hours due to school closures/partial schedules, (2) providing support for comprehensive distance learning, (3) ensuring food security, and (4) building social-emotional skills. BGCB provided tutoring and homework help so youth could close learning gaps and stay on track academically. BGCB was able to support distance learning through a robust partnership with the school district, and ensuring broadband access and technology.

BGCB provided scholarships to 90% of the youth in their 2020-2021 School Year Program. They had great success in mitigating childhood traumas by helping children build a toolkit of attributes and experiences to increase skills for responding to adversity with resilience. Each of their Club programs and services promote and enhance childhood development by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

Boys & Girls Club Bend Grant from Clabough Foundation